About Us

Infinity Group was established in 1992 by experienced professionals from Education, Marketing and Finance functions in industry. The Company Headquartered in the National Capital of India has a coverage in all the major cities of North & Central Part of India as well as pan India with its direct interactions or through associates.

The company started with the motive of providing services to the customers by providing comprehensive solutions to the financial requirements. And slowly spread its footprint across to different verticals. Today the company provides services in Education (Training, Seminars, Workshops), Kits & Spares, Admissions, Consulting, Events & Conferences, Contracts, etc. by way of its different group companies.

Infinity Group today has interaction with over 600+ Colleges & Institutes, 75+ executed contracts in Consulting , 350+ Kits & Projects in inventory, 30 clients in Online Development, organised various Events & Conferences, etc. across India.