About Us

Infinity Group was established in 1992 by experienced professionals from Education, Marketing and Finance functions in industry. The Company Headquartered in the National Capital of India has a coverage in all the major cities of North & Central Part of India as well as pan India with its direct interactions or through associates.

Today’s changing competitive market parlance, organizations need to be competitive and flexible in providing services to there customers to retain and add value to there products. This results in numerous changes in the parameters of recruitment of professionals who can accomplish ‘Need-of-the-Hour’ requirements of the organizations.

Infinity Group started it’s technical vertical which is its fully owned subsidiary to establish a guidance system and bridge the gap from what is being taught in educational institutions and what is actually being required by the industry. Thereby focussing on engagements for students which help them in meeting the parameters of the industry as well as translating what is taught by institution into Practical Training / Workshop sessions. The need of the hour is to have specialized trainings to update the latest in upcoming technology to both professional as well as aspiring engineers to enhance there knowledge as well as make them competitive and better suited to take up complex technical assignments in the industry.

The company conducts short term Hand-On Training courses for technical students and thereby helping them meet the demand of the ‘Future in Industry’. Care has been taken to include the latest in Technology keeping in view the norms of tomorrow’s proficient organizations. Delivery is done by Industry experts hence helping in a more interactive and learning environment.

Vision & Mission

To integrate the curriculum as instituted by higher Education Colleges & Institutions with practical hands on training sessions. Instituting the sessions since the very first year of basic studies across Autonomous Educational Societies, Colleges, Institutions, Polytechnics across India.


Our commitment and sincerity in defining what learning can be, is what sets us apart. Most of the team has an industry background thereby instituting a deep commitment to learn, teach, and train students, and faculties thereby improving the education scenario by using technology.

Our visionary leaders are defining the future of learning with technology.